Construction of a Wooden Sports Floor (Parquet) & Installation of Sports Equipment at the Indoor Basketball Court (DOM) of Proteas Voulas.


SPAU GR completed the installation of the wooden sports parquet floor and the installation of the sports equipment in the indoor basketball court (DOM) of Protea Voulas.

The wooden floor (parquet) combines characteristics of the traditional wooden system and solid elastic materials, thus resulting in a high-quality mixed system that maintains the positive properties of both.

Certifications and international standards that this parquet has:

EN 13501, European standard for the reaction to fire of the entire sports floor
EN 14904 (note that the rolling test of the standard requires 1500N while the actual performance is 3000N)
59% shock absorption
Class A/4
See technical specifications of the wooden sports floor (parquet)

In addition, he supplied and installed basketballs, a scoreboard, substitutes’ benches, a secretary’s table. He also removed and installed the pre-existing bleachers, carrying out their appropriate repair.