Standard Children’s Playground for Disabled People at the Pan-Hellenic Association “Amymoni”!


Simpraxis SPAU created a model playground for the Disabled (Persons with Visually Impaired and Multiple Disabilities) at the Amymonis Association.

Our company has carried out the design, construction and installation of playground instruments.

In the beginning it started with the configuration of the space, the placement of playgrounds for the disabled, the casting of the cast floor, as well as the application of high quality turf.

He also installed city equipment such as benches, lighting fixtures and metal fencing.

Playgrounds for disabled people that have been placed can be used by all age groups.

The playground was created according to safety standards and was certified by TUV HELLAS.

See the publication posted by the Amymoni club

Watch the video created by Simpraxis SPAU