Basketball facility RED 15 FIBA Approved – RED 15

Pair of basketball facility RED15 electric oleodynamic consists of base and vertical uprights of sturdy steel construction with sheet metal casing and coating customizable in color, front, lateral and back protection with covering in PVC, complete with tempered crystal backboards, protection under baskets and reclining baskets. Overhang cm. 330_x000D_ RED15 is activated by an electric oleodynamic (hydraulic) system thanks to which the whole system can be easily moved in the three operative positions:basket, mini basket and rest, without any regulation of backboard.The ballast is completely hidden guarantees a high level of stability and security, and is always included.RED15 exceeds the authorities certificates requests thanks to the basement that has been fully covered with protections to guarantee a higher level of safety during the game.BASKETBALL FACILITY F.I.B.A. APPROVED for 1° Level competition_x000D_