Manual oil-pressure basketball – B677/1

Manual basketball facility, overhang 330 cm, oil pressure functioning by hydraulic ram diam. _x000D_ 70 mm with rod diam. 35 mm, tank, motor flange joint, distributor with removable pump rod, close check valve directly mounted on the ram to stop the stroke at certain point and guarantee the maintenance the position of basketball facility. The structure is consisting of a steel profile base section 120×80 mm, dimensions 200×120 mm, provided with 1 front wheels diam. 200 mm swivel and on the back side polyurethane rollers with steel core diam. 85 mm to guarantee stability and verticality; automatically lift able when the facility is moving into the playing position by a device connected to the functioning of the mobile trestle; monotubing pole section 200×150, with reinforced 50 x 50 mm; joints mounted on self-lubricating bushings. High and perpendicularity adjustable fixing plate basket/frame, fastened on the pole with 4 bolts; backboard tubular bearing frame; provided with backboards in crystal thickness 12 mm, with safety film, reclining baskets with heavy filled tubular ring diam. 20 mm and nets, complete with protection under backboards. Protection thickness cm. 5 for the monotubing pole for supporting the backboards, for a depth of 120 cm from the back side of the backboards, front and lateral protection in rubber with heavy density thickness 10 cm covered in PVC. Including ballast. Total weight approx. 1400 kg for each trestles. regulations.Dimensions in open position (ready to be used): 130 cm (width) x 530 cm (length) x 395 cm (height); Dimensions in closed position: 130 cm (width) x 460 cm (length) x 235 cm (height). Basketball facility FI.B.A. certified and TUV approved according with UNI EN 1270._x000D_