Stadium seat – Greco

Stadium seat with back, available in 8 different colors with the following specifications.

44cm (length)
34cm (height)
44cm (depth)

Installation achieved using three different points (2 on the seat, 1 in the front) so that the seat can be installed either in tribune either in metal base.

Made of Polypropylene Co-polymer by injection moulding process.

Other specifications:
Ultra violet 915 (UV) masterbatch, suitable to be used outdoor.
Flame retardant (FR), masterbatch material, which maked the seat “hartdly inflamable” according to G.G.A. and European Standards V2 or Class1, acceptable from FIFA & UEFA.

Control tests:
Seat and back static load test EN 12727
Horizontal forward static load test EN 12727
Vertical static load test EN 12727
Seat impact test EN 12727
Seat and back durability test (100.000 κύκλοι) ΕΝ 12727
Seat and front edge durability test (100.000 κύκλοι) ΕΝ 12727
Light resistance ISO 4892-2/94
Tensile properties of plastics ISO EN 527-1/96
Charpy impact EN ISO 179-1/2000
Flame test on surface UNI 8457/87 and UNI 8457/A/96
Radiant panel UNI 9174/87 and UNI 9174/A/96