Vinex competition javelin

Vinex Competition Javelins
Made of hardened best quality dura aluminium.Designed and crafted for maximum distance throw. Javelin head made of stainless steel for extra durability. Conclusively, one of the best available Javelins.

JAL-80090: 0.8Kg – Range 90m. IAAF
JAL-80080: 0.8Kg – Range 80m. IAAF
JAL-80070: 0.8Kg – Range 70m. IAAF
JAL-80060: 0.8Kg – Range 60m. IAAF
JAL-70080: 0.7Kg – Range 80m.
JAL-70070: 0.7Kg – Range 70m.
JAL-60080: 0.6Kg – Range 80m. IAAF
JAL-60070: 0.6Kg – Range 70m. IAAF
JAL-60060: 0.6Kg – Range 60m. IAAF
JAL-60050: 0.6Kg – Range 50m. IAAF