Foldable basketball system – BS00012

Ceiling suspended forward folding basketball system

The ceiling suspended baskets with electrical operation are foldable and the backboard is in a distance of 1.2 m to the sideline of the pitch (line thickness is 0.05 m). The backboard is measured 1.80×1.05 m and is made of a metal frame that has an elastic gasket which enables the secure fixation of the tempered safety glass. The basketball ring has an inside diameter of 450 mm and the height of the rim is 3.05 m from the ground. The bottom edge and the sides of the backboard are covered by protective padding molded from polyurethane. The parts of the basket that is needed (depends in each case) are covered by protective padding in blue colour (which can change by client’s request) and it is also possible for club and sponsor logos to be printed on it. All the metal parts are powder coated in white colour, the ring is painted in deep orange and the tempered glass is transparent. The aforementioned are prerequisites of the “rules of the game” and “basketball equipment” as defined for Level 2 sports events from FIBA. The basketball folds with an electrical system. This basketball system is ideal for installation in indoor sport halls for medium level competitions.


It is noted that measurements of the basketball system vary in relevance to the ceiling height and other particularities of each sport hall.



Spare parts:

BS47433248: Basketball backboard (including reclining hoop, tempered safety glass and padding)

Β090322: Reclining basketball ring

B00043: Tempered safety glass 180x105x1.2 cm.

01-00203: Basketball ring net width 5 mm

01-00202: Basketball ring net width 6 mm

01-00201: Basketball ring net width 8 mm