About us

Simpraxis SPAU trades equipment about Sports, Playgrounds, Urban and Amusement. Its business activity is based on marketing and importation aimed at further development, with social sensitivity and respect for the environment.

  The many years of experience and know-how of Simpraxis SPAU's staff gives it the ability to provide its customers with simple and cost-effective but also specialized solutions for products and services.

  Through all this change that has come to the global market, and due to its partnerships with industry companies, it offers its customers many solutions and prices much more competitive than the rest of the market. Offering quality products and services is the incentive to operate.

«For us, the client is a partner and is the most important source of our work»

  The excellent organization of Simpraxis SPAU, combined with the expertise of its administrative and technical staff, offers the possibility of full technical support both at the design and installation stage and in the future (maintenance - damage).

  The philosophy of Simpraxis SPAU, with regard to the effective implementation of the services offered, but also the final product reaches the customer, is:


   Simpraxis SPAU is an ally for your evolution. With her responsibility and experience, the staff of Simpraxis SPAU design services and products at customer's eye - services and products that serve users and evolve your business.